Jason Fetherland, Founder

TermLifeInsuranceBrokers.com is an independent life insurance agency. Our clients come first, we work WITH the top insurance companies in the nation not FOR them. This gives us the flexibility to listen to our client’s needs so we can solve the problems they are facing.

Without the pressure of satisfying a sales quota, we are free to give professional advice based on what is best for YOU in your current situation.

We have worked with thousands of clients to secure the best value for their life insurance.  We are able to do so by getting to know you and your unique situation before recommending the right company for your needs.

We operate a little bit differently than you may be used to

We start with YOUR why?

Why did YOU begin your search for life insurance? Were you recently married?  Have a child?  News from the doctor?  Start a business?  Sell a business?  Retired?  The list could go on forever. 

We know that the reasons for your search are as unique as you are. People begin their search for all types of reasons. We have the experience and professionalism to help even the most sensitive of situations. 

Next, we look at how?

How do you want to proceed?

Are you open to having a medical exam?

Would you like to secure coverage with no medical exam?

Do you have the health of Superman? We don’t either…

Are you afraid of needles?

Too busy to make time to get together with a nurse to go over your medical history?

The What? comes last.  We don’t start with products in mind. 

You came here seeking financial security for your family. Rest assured that we will assist you to not only get covered but that you have the best rate available.

We have all heard the radio and TV ads promising massive coverage for next to nothing. Only a small percentage of people will qualify for those plans, not everyone.

With us, there are no big surprises or bait and switch. We will work with you to ensure that we understand your health status. And we will fight for you until you have the rates you deserve. 

My Why?

Jason Fetherland is the founder of TermLifeInsuranceBrokers.com. Jason lives in Southwest Ohio with his high school sweetheart and their 4 amazing children.  2 boys and 2 girls.  Something about little girls changes a man.  My family is my 1st WHY.  Leading them, guiding them, and being an example to them is very important to me. 

I founded TermLifeInsuranceBrokers.com to change the way that life insurance is purchased. Typically life insurance is SOLD not bought. I prefer to spend my time with people that recognize the value of life insurance and what it means to their family. I enjoy investing my time educating and serving my clients, not convincing friends and family to buy from me.

This leads to a lot of time and money spent in the wrong product. The vast majority of agents are not out to do the wrong thing. They get hired by a captive company and just don’t know what they don’t know. When you work with them they are forced to try to find a way to fit their product to you or they won’t get a sale.  I always have and always will walk away from a deal before I recommend a policy that is not right for you.  I prefer to sleep at night.