​We live in a connected society.  Everywhere you go, everyone you meet is plugged in!  Information is never more than a tap of a screen away.  Chances are you found us the same way.  Isn't GOOGLE amazing!

Thanks to technology we have access to almost anything right in our hand.  You can travel the world with out leaving your seat.  You can pull up a map if you get turned around.  Order pizza without ever speaking a word...

The possibilities are endless, so why has it taken so long to bring this simplicity and convenience to life insurance?

At TermLIfeInsuranceBrokers.com we started in this industry the "Old Fashioned" way.  Harassing people until they agreed to invite us into their home and invade their personal space and time, usually late into the evening...

It didn't take long to realize that there had to be a better way.  As much as I value the relationships with my clients, that doesn't require that I intrude on their family time for hours on end.  

After one too many nights missing out on his own family and imposing on anothers Jason decided enough was enough and TermLifeInsuranceBrokers was born.  ​

We have all digital systems allowing for faster approvals times, sometimes even instant coverage!